Non Profit

  • NEO Baseball Club is a non profit organization. Revenue generated by teams is put back into the organization to help to create a better training facility, help with team and travel costs and more. All of our players have big dreams and goals and we want to make sure that they have everything available to achieve them. Meaning going to the biggest tournaments, playing in the best leagues, having an amazing facility with every training tool at their disposal, and having great coaches. Under 501-C3 law we are legally allowed to accept tax deductible donations. Meaning if you wish to help one of our players in our club or just the club in general you will be able to write off what you donate in your taxes. If you wish to donate directly to an individual player that player will get to take 100% of that donation given off his team installment fees. Below is the form to donate as well as all the documentation. After we receive the donation you will get an acknowledgment letter and a donation receipt that has exactly where your donation is going to, as well as all the information needed by the IRS from us to get your tax deduction.


Direct Baseball Phone: 248-910-0123

Facility Phone: 216-465-9942 Ext: 6


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Facility Address: 20001 Euclid Ave. Euclid, OH 44117 

NEO Sports Plant

In the back of HGR Manufacturing


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