What is NEO Baseball Club?

- A new, energized and ambitious youth baseball club that has plans to innovate the way club baseball is experienced

- Really big on media and content. Believes in having a strong online and social media presence

- Media team to capture video and photos at most NEO practices, games, and events. The 3 main reason we do this are: Marketing and branding, training/instruction, and for college recruitment purposes


- NEO has a business system and structure that makes everything for the parents and non baseball related aspects of your experience super stress free and easy 

- Amazing home facility. Our facility is a home to all our club players. It is open to them at any time. Any club member can always come into the facility and utilize our space and training tools we have to get better. This is all included in our yearly installment fees. 

- Our facility has lots of different training tools. We wanted everything you would have accessible to you at a college facility at our facility. We have a variety of different training tools to help you with all aspects of your game 

- We have access to some of the best fields in the Cleveland area for summer practices and games

- All coaches and instructors are former or current college players. We have a wide range of younger and older coaches which allows us to pull from all different ways to run our club teams.  We have coaches that specialize in all aspects of the game. This is the furthest thing from a one man show. Always be able to talk to a coach who specializes in the area of the game you're trying to improve. All coaches are paid coaches and have no affiliation with any kids on the team. All coaches will have a background check on file, Lindsey Law, concussion, first aid, and CPR certifications

- We believe that gaining knowledge of the game is just as important if not more important then gaining skill of the game. You need the knowledge of the game to be able to take your game to the next level. We spend a lot of time during off season training talking about mindset, attitude, and giving knowledge of the game. We want all of our players to understand the game, plays, executions, situations of the game like a college player does 

- NEO focuses on all aspects of development. We try to develop our players as athletes, baseball players, and men. We train them for all aspects of the game from preparation, nutrition, mindset, etc. 

- We believe that to be a good baseball player you have to also be a good athlete. Creating an athlete not just a baseball player is very important to us. We have a in house athletic trainer that trains our players on speed, strength, endurance, footwork, flexibility, durability and more. Hours of his training is included in our yearly installments fees 

- High quality uniforms, apparel, and spirt wear. There is one easy to order online store every year with lots of options for amazing quality and branded apparel and spirt wear for NEO. There is something for everyone; player, mom and dad. Look good, feel good, play good or for the parents look good, feel good, cheer good

- Relationships and direct communication with a large number of Northeast Ohio varsity high school coaches, PBR and Perfect Game coordinators and scouts, as well as lots of college coaches and recruiting coordinators all around Ohio and everywhere. We also excel in college recruitment and college exposure process and execution. 

- Direct bids to some on the nations best tournaments and great local leagues

- NEO club teams are set up for the long run. With having a youth director for 8-13u being able to develop them as players and athletes all to prepare them to be handed off to our high school showcase teams from 14-18u. Gain the knowledge and develop young and then keep growing with us while getting college exposure as the player gets older

- Private lessons available all year. Pick from one of our many instructors that specializes in the area you are trying to improve. Available all year around with club members getting discounts and first priority on scheduling 

- Open line of communication for all parents and players to be able to access the front office at all times for any questions and concerns you might have throughout the year. We are very accessible and reasonable when dealing with issues or concerns. Its our goal that if you have a issue or concern that it gets talked about and resolved quickly 


- Everything is included in your yearly installments except for hotel & travel. No extra or hidden charges at all 


- NEO Baseball Club is a non profit organization. Meaning you can get businesses to donate and we can give that business a tax write off. 100% of the donation will go to your yearly installment if you would like. This is a great way to cut your baseball costs down!  

- Our off season training is next level. We believe that player development needs to be the main focus during off season months. There needs be a noticeable difference with a players athletic ability, mindset, attitude, and baseball skill over the months of the off season each year. Seeing growth is what we expect and it translates into confidence for every player. More specifics on our off season training below 

- NEO has 2 different levels of teams at each age group. At any given age group a team can be a NEO Elite team or a NEO team. The difference between the two will vary different parts of what is involved in your club package. See below for more information. The team level will be chosen by commitment and talent level. Each team will hold 12-18 players. The younger and non elite teams will hold less players, while the older and elite teams will hold more players

Off-season training 

- Off Season training is the key to player development and growth. We take our off season very seriously. The work you put in when nobody is watching and during the months when you cant play a game outside is everything

- We hold lots of practices during the off season. The amount of practice held is based off age group and elite or non elite. You can expect to practice 2-3 times a week throughout the off season months  

- On top of all of our practices the facility is open any day to all of our NEO players to come in and train. Our players can get work in whenever they would like to

- 50% plus of our practices are filmed. We are able to take that film and do video breakdowns for training purposes. Having a visual when trying to improve is so important. Also if a college coach wants to see video we will have a whole bunch of video ready to be edited into one video and sent out 

- 20% of our time during off season is dedicated to athletic training. Our in house athletic trainer will be working with them on speed, agility, strength, footwork and more 

- Mindset attitude, and knowledge of the game is a big part of our off season. Learning the game at a high level in depth, not the skill of the game but the actual way the game is ran and supposed to be played. Then teach them how to have a strong positive mindset while always keeping an great attitude 

- We break down analytics. Every off season we have a bored set up at the facility. We will do all the workouts you would do in a college showcase. Things like exit velocity, bat speed, 60 yard dash, pitches velocities, pop times, etc. It will be displayed. This will hold all the players in our organization accountable. They will know if their main skills are improving throughout the off season. Seeing progression with numbers is very important to build confidence. Also if a college coach wants their numbers we will be ready with all of them right away

- We use a variety of different training tools and drills to improve skill set. Our off season practices are far from boring because every practice we are doing new drills with a different training tools to learn every aspect this game has to offer 

- The space and set up of our facility allows us to have so much freedom to be able to run great collegiate style practices. With how big our facility is we are able to throw long toss and even have full size infields throughout the winter months 

- We run our off season in a systematic progression style. Meaning we have a very organized structured way we go about our off season. Starting with mindset and attitude, leading to body control & muscle memory, to getting in physical shape, to light skill work and continue to keep picking it up all the way until we are practicing like we are in a game! No steps are missed and everything is covered and explained. This style of off season training works to make it easier on our players to learn and retain knowledge as well as get better quicker because they are building a foundation and then working their way up 

Below is a list of things that are covered during our off season training: 

- Knowledge of the game, mindset, and attitude

- Athletic training for speed, strength, footwork, stretching and more

- Nutrition and learning the right and wrong things to eat and when it is best to eat certain food 

- Showcase workout numbers 

- Correct pre game/practice routines

- Hitting and bunting mechanics 

- Situational and count hitting 

- Base running, sliding and all types of offensives plays 

- Pitching and arm care 

- Throwing progressions and throwing mechanics 

- All catcher work 

- Pick offs mechanics and plays 

- 1st and 3rd defense and offense 

- Back picks 

- Cut off and double cut plays 

- Bunt coverages 

- Rundowns 

- Pitcher fielding practice (PFP)

- Correct ways to field a ground ball and fly ball  

*** And so much more!!! 

NEO Club Teams Packages & Structure 

*** Pitcher only roster spots will receive 50% off the amounts shown below


Direct Baseball Phone: 248-910-0123

Facility Phone: 216-465-9942 Ext: 6

Email: neoclubbaseball@gmail.com

** Message us on any of our socials


Facility Address: 20001 Euclid Ave. Euclid, OH 44117 

NEO Sports Plant

In the back of HGR Manufacturing


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